How Can I Find a Mediator in New Jersey?

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There are many benefits to implementing divorce mediation in New Jersey. To learn more about the divorce process in New Jersey, read on and give our skilled attorneys a call today. Below are some questions you may have:

What are the goals of mediation in New Jersey?

If mediation is decided upon voluntarily by the parties or court-referred, the objectives of the mediation process in the context of divorce are to:

  • Build an equitable, legally sane, and mutually acceptable divorce agreement;
  • Avoid the cost and trauma that often accompany litigation; and
  • Minimize hostility and post-dissolution controversy.

How can I find a mediator?

After you and your spouse have made the decision to mediate, it is essential to find a mediator. Many counties have community-based or court-annexed mediation centers. If the mediation is court-ordered, the court may select a mediator or will permit the parties to decide upon a suitable mediator. Both lawyers and non-lawyers serve as mediators.

Attorney Helen Dukhan of HD Family Law is a seasoned divorce mediator with extensive training and experience in helping clients from all walks of life through the mediation process. What sets her apart from other mediators is that not only does she help couples civilly communicate and compromise, but as a skilled divorce attorney, she also helps clients craft creative and fair settlement agreements, better positioning them for life after their divorce is finalized.

What are the benefits of resolving a divorce through mediation?

Divorcing couples are often discouraged by the costs and uncertainties related to an overburdened, hostile judicial system. These couples are discovering ways to play a larger role in deciding the specifics of their divorces. The court system has also acknowledged the importance of creating alternative ways of managing disputes outside of the courtroom. Litigated divorces tend to be more drawn out, hostile, and, ultimately, more costly to both spouses. Reaching a compromise outside of a courtroom setting is almost always a favorable alternative. If you need a skilled divorce mediator to represent you, look no further than HD Family Law.

For any further questions, simply pick up the phone and give us a call or contact us online today. We are here to effectively guide you through each step of the mediation process ahead.

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