Why Do You Need A Copy of Your Divorce Decree in New Jersey?

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Your divorce has been finalized and you are more than eager to get on with your life. That being said, you should always hang onto your divorce decree, i.e. the final judgment signed by a judge. Stamped with a gold seal sticker, this document officially grants your divorce. Before you dump it somewhere where you might forget it, please read on, then contact an experienced Hackensack, New Jersey divorce lawyer to learn why you need a copy of your divorce decree in the Garden State.

When might you need your divorce decree in New Jersey?

Among the multitude of reasons why you should keep your divorce decree on hand are the following:

  • Resume your maiden name: A divorce decree will allow you to resume your maiden name. First, the judge will ask you if your intentions for resuming your maiden name include trying to avoid creditors or criminal charges. As long as the judge believes the request is appropriate and that you just want to change your name for personal reasons, they will sign the divorce judgment that restores your maiden name.
  • Refinance a home: Should you be fortunate enough to keep the marital residence following a divorce, you will most likely have to refinance the home so you can remove your former spouse’s name and obligation from the mortgage. Most mortgage lenders will ask to see the divorce decree as proof that you are truly divorced before they will be willing to do so.
  • Re-marry: You may or may not know this, but in order to apply for your marriage license, you will need your divorce decree. The Garden State wants to verify that you are, in fact, divorced and not merely separated before they will agree to a new marriage license. Bigamy, i.e. being legally married to more than one person at the same time, is illegal in New Jersey, as it is in all fifty states.

If you have any questions about a divorce decree or the divorce process, you should reach out to a skilled New Jersey divorce lawyer today. Together, we will discuss your rights and responsibilities, so please give us a call today.

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