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Divorce Mediation Bergen County New Jersey

A divorce is a huge event that impacts all aspects of a person’s life. When you are going from married life to being single, a skilled mediator can provide support when you need a plan to help transition to this new phase in your life. An attorney might represent you and your interests in court, but a mediation consultant is able to support you from behind the scenes. At HD Family Law, we offer a unique service to our clients as divorce consultants and proudly provide emotional and legal support during the process of divorce. Contact an experienced Bergen County, New Jersey divorce mediation lawyer from HD Family Law today so we can get started.

Bergen County, New Jersey Legal Team | Offering NJ & NY Clients Divorce Mediation Services

In an effort to provide our clients with as much support as possible, we at HD Family Law are trained as mediators and have conducted many mediations for individuals that prefer this alternative to traditional litigation. Though mediators aren’t always attorneys, you should strongly consider hiring an experienced Bergen County, New Jersey family law attorney who understands the ins and outs of divorce law to represent you at this critical time.

The Benefits of Mediation

When you are considering a divorce, a mediator can help point you to a plan that works for your family. The mediator’s job is to help guide you through the process from start to finish, offering compassionate support and advice to help you reach a conclusion that best fits your unique circumstances. Remember, divorce mediators are unbiased third parties, and their goal is to simply help you negotiate an agreement that best works for you and your spouse outside of a courtroom setting. As your mediators, we meet with you, discuss your situation and help you with all of the following:

  • Make a plan for separation
  • Decide which divorce process is best for you
  • Help you prepare for attorney consultations
  • Discuss choices before making any final decisions
  • Move into your new life with dignity and confidence

Post-Divorce Assistance

The real work starts after a divorce is finalized. Post-divorce is when you can build a healthier life for you and your children. This requires legal support for any post-judgment matter that may arise, as well as help you start over.

As your consultants, we do not offer our legal advice; we support you in all you are facing based on our legal knowledge and experience. This includes setting goals, finding resources, making decisions, and putting systems in place to ensure you are taking care of yourself as you go through these processes. You may need help communicating with your spouse, or your children or family. We can help you obtain the skills to achieve results and bring you peace.

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If you think mediation may be your best option, you can feel confident in your decision to appoint HD family law to take the reins. We are here to help you and your spouse reach an outcome that best sets you up for a happy, successful future. Contact a Bergen County, New Jersey divorce mediation lawyer from HD Family Law to schedule your initial consultation with our experienced legal team today.

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