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Post-Judgment Modification Lawyer Bergen County New Jersey

After a divorce is finalized, life can, and often does, change–sometimes significantly. In most cases, these changes are for the better, but this isn’t always the case. Regardless, when a person experiences a significant change after a divorce, they may find that their initial divorce agreement no longer reflects where they are in life. Fortunately, here in New Jersey, certain people may qualify for post-judgment modifications, wherein the court can essentially update a divorce agreement to better suit a person’s current situation. Continue reading and contact a Bergen County, New Jersey post-judgment modification lawyer from HD Family Law today to learn more.

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Though divorce agreements are legally-binding documents, they can be modified if the circumstances call for it. The job of our Hackensack, New Jersey divorce lawyer is to prove to the courts that your specific situation truly qualifies for a post-judgment modification.

Modifying Child Custody

The need to modify a custody agreement after a divorce is far from uncommon. If you or your child has experienced a significant change in circumstances, you may require a modification to your child custody agreement. Some of the scenarios that might warrant a child custody modification are as follows:

  • One parent develops a substance abuse issue
  • One parent exposes the child to an act of domestic violence
  • One parent develops a serious mental illness that prevents them from adequately caring for the child
  • One parent goes to jail
  • One parent repeatedly ignores/doesn’t follow the parenting time plan
  • One parent moves out of state
  • One parent has a significant change in work hours

Parents who were initially denied custody on certain grounds should note that in many cases, there is hope for the future. For example, if you were denied custody of your child because of a substance abuse issue but you can prove that you’ve sought out treatment and taken the necessary steps to become a responsible, caring, and positive influence on your child, you may earn back custody.

Modifying Child Support or Alimony

Similarly to custody modifications, if you can prove there has been a significant and unforeseen change in circumstances, you may qualify for a child support or alimony modification or termination. Some scenarios that may qualify for a modification to child support are as follows:

  • The child reaches the age of emancipation
  • The child plans on attending higher education
  • The child has special needs and requires support to continue even after they reach the age of emancipation
  • The child gets married
  • The child joins the army
  • Federal income tax laws have changed

Some potentially valid reasons to modify alimony are as follows:

  • The obligee (the spouse receiving alimony) remarries
  • The obligee gets a raise or higher paying job
  • The obligee or obligor develops a serious medical condition
  • The cost of living increases
  • The obligor loses their job

Again, we want to stress that these are just some of the scenarios that may warrant modifications to support agreements, and if you’re in a situation that you believe qualifies, you should reach out to an experienced Bergen County, New Jersey post-judgment modification lawyer as soon as you can. We can assess your situation, determine whether you have a case, and tailor a strategy to your needs.

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